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Iga Ninja Sweets "Katayaki Koyaki"


1: Iga Ueno Castle  (Sonoichi)

Once upon a time, in the village of Iga
There lived a ninja boy called Yumezo.
The people of this village would build the Takaishigaki wall around the castle, chanting
Essa~ Hoisa~ Let's do this, all of us
We'll make Takaishigaki the best stone wall in Japan
Eating Katayaki would give us energy
We will pile up everybody's dreams
And then, their moms turned up with some Katayaki
Let's all sit on a circle and have a snack
"Yumezo, let's use the big stones,
Since it looks like everyone's dreams are clogged. 
Once this wall is finished, everyone will be happy
One last effort, everyone!"
♪Yuyake Koyake Katayaki Koyaki ♪

2: Ninja (Sononi)

Yumezo's father was an Iga ninja pioneer.
As his departure day approached
From the barn, illuminated by the sunset
The sound of sharpening shuriken, "Kashin, Kashin!"
A sweet fragrance came from the inside,
his mom said
"Yumezo, could you go and check if they are done yet?"
Yumezo hid and took a bite,
"Eating these cheers me up!"
And Yumezo dreamed of becoming 
A great ninja, just like his dad.

3: Akameshijuhattaki (Sonosan)

With his dog Kenmaru, they went to the waterfall.
Kenmaru jumps.
"Today I will show you how I pass the stepping stones!"
Yumezo went after him
But slipped and fell into the water
Well, let's rest here.
"Eat Katayaki and try again"
Yumezo was filled with energy.
They jumped happily from stone to stone
"Thank you Kenmaru, let's come again"

4: Sarubino hot spring (Sonoyon)

Today we can rest from our studies.
"Let's go to the hot springs!"
"Wow" "So warm!"
Somehow, after relaxing in the bath for a while,
They got hungry.
"nom nom munch munch"
Attracted by the sound,
An injured monkey came.
Yumezo said "Please join us, Mr. Monkey"
And handed him a Katayaki.
The monkey took a bite.
Thanks to the hot spring, his wounds healed
And everyone was happy.

5: Ise Shrine (Sonogo)

Across the mountains and valleys from Iga -
I came all the way to Ise with my grandfather
We came to say thanks for our safe and happy life.
"Bow twice, clap twice, bow once again"
"Oh no! I forgot to bring a coin!"
"Oh, but in Geku lives the kami of good harvests.
I will offer him a Katayaki!'"
After that, they went to Naiku ♪ 
"In Naiku you can find the most important Japanese god"
My grandfather said.
They were eating Katayaki
And drinking tea from Ise.

6: World Heritage Kumano Kodo (Sonoroku)

Across the mountains and valleys from Iga -
Today we will learn about the Kumano Kodo
Climb up the cypress forests
And in front of the Jizo statue, an old woman prays
"Eat this and you will be full of energy♪"
She took out a Katayaki
And shared it with Jizo.
Come on, let's go to the Magose pass.
Step by step she carried him
And reached the mountain pass at last.
She looked back to Kumano -
"Tank you, I will see you in my dreams."

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