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To make a reservation for the special Yurabura flight ,

It will start one month in advance.

March 17th (Friday) ⇒ February 17th (Friday) AM 9:00 reservation start

[Operating days]

Friday, March 17th

[Reservation method ]

Click here for online reservations 

(2) Telephone reservation

Reservations are accepted at 03-5608-8869.

   (9:00-17:00) (except Mondays)

Click here for flight schedule (and reservation start date) and fees

*It may be very difficult to get through to the phone after the reservation starts, as it is expected to be crowded.

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Unified “Edo-Tokyo Burari Tabi” and “Ichinichi Yurari Tabi”,
It is a course that compactly summarizes the good points of two flights,
We are operating mainly in winter, and we have decided to operate this year as well! !

It is a course that takes a leisurely tour of the Sumida River, Arakawa River, and the Tokyo coastal area.


Click here for PDF data (1.2MB)

  Times of Day
Ryogoku Rivercenter 8:50
Sumidakuyakushomae 9:00
Asakusa Nitemmon 9:05
Kamiya 10:10
Azusawa 10:40
Kasai Rinkai Park 12:35
Odaiba Seaside Park 13:25
Ryogoku Rivercenter 14:07
Sumidakuyakushomae 14:17
Asakusa Nitemmon 14:22
Kamiya 15:20
Azusawa 15:45


  • There is a possibility that the schedule will be changed or canceled due to the declaration of a state of emergency, weather, tide level, etc.
  • Drinking alcohol is prohibited on board.
    In addition, please refrain from "conversation during meals" and "dining in silence".
  • If you have a fever or are unwell, please refrain from boarding.
  • When boarding, we will wear a mask, disinfect your hands with alcohol, and measure your temperature.
  • Seats are unreserved.
  • Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) cannot be brought in even if they are in a carry case.
    *Excludes guide dogs, hearing dogs, and assistance dogs.
  • It is prohibited to take off the mask and talk or make a loud voice.
  • Smoking is prohibited on board.
Tokyo Metropolitan Park AssociationTokyo Mizube Cruising Line

TEL: 03-5608-8869

Service hours

Does not operate on Mondays (or the day after if Monday is a national holiday)