Make a Sign Speak Any Language

QR Translator issues a special QR code that bridges the language barrier. Scanning the QRT Code - a combination of a QR code
and icons representing the available languages - leads the smartphone user to the translated content.

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What is QR Translator?

QR Translator is the first online service that makes it easy to produce signs and printouts in multiple languages. To use the service, input your source text, and then select the target languages and the location where the translation will be used. The QR Translator issues a QRT code in the form of a 2D barcode. You can put the QRT code on your signs or documents. People can then use their smartphones to read the QRT code and retrieve the translation in their own language.



The entire process from start to finish takes only three steps and can be completed in as quickly as one minute. Then you just print the code and use it.



Use QRT Codes and don't worry about space anymore. Ideal for multi-language restaurant menus, international landmark and commercial facilities.



Update your contents without re-issuing a new QRT Code. The QR Translator system offers a wide range of options for editing your translated text.

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12 Jan

Additional languages

The following 17 languages are added, and now it covers a total of 36 languages.
Bengali, Nepali, Mongolian, Persian, Hebraic, Greek, Romanian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Lithuanian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch (Only machine translation)

01 Nov

Choco-Revo International goods

QRT available on product packages.