QR Translator terms of use

Use of the services of QR Translator (below referred to as the "Services") provided on qrtranslator.com requires agreement with these Terms of Use as described herein. Use of the Services constitutes agreement with all of the terms and conditions provided below.
These Terms of Use as well as the content of the Services are subject to correction, revision, change, deletion and other modification without prior notice. Before using the Services, check the Terms of Use for the latest update.

1. Purpose
  • These Terms of Use were established as matters users must agree to before using the Services operated by PIJIN and its affiliated companies (below referred to as the "Provider").
2. Definitions
  • 2-1. "Service User" refers to a person accessing the website and/or using the Services.
  • 2-2. "Source Text" refers to text input for the purpose of using the Services for translation.
  • 2-3. "Human Translation" refers to a series of operations in which the Services are used to request a translator over the Internet and text translated by a person is stored at a specific location on the server.
  • 2-4. "Machine Translation" refers to a series of operations in which the Services are used to translate text by machine on the web and store the result at a specific location on the server.
  • 2-5. "Translator" refers to an individual, group or legal entity that translates a Source Text requested by a Service User to be translated by Human Translation.
  • 2-6. "Translation Product" refers to the product resulting from the translation of a Source Text by Machine Translation or Human Translation to the language specified by the Service User.
  • 2-7. "QRT Code" refers to a code used for accessing a Translation Product resulting from use of the Services, and refers to an electronic image or a duplicate thereof that can be downloaded from this website.
3. Account Creation and Management
  • 3-1. A Service User is a person who provides the required information and creates an account on this website.
  • 3-2. Service Users must manage the accounts they create in an appropriate manner. If an account is fraudulently used by a third party as a result of disclosure of the password or other details, the owner of the account will bear responsibility for any consequences resulting from that fraudulent use.
4. Account Cancellation and Deletion
  • 4-1. When creating an account, the Service User must input accurate, factual information for said Service User or the group to which the Service User belongs. If false or fictitious information is inputted, said account may be cancelled or deleted by the Provider immediately after the false or fictitious nature of that information becomes known.
  • 4-2. The account owner may not transfer or lend their account to a third party without permission from the Provider. If an account is transferred or lent to a third party without permission, said account may be cancelled or deleted by the Provider when that fact becomes known. The Provider reserves the right to make the determination, based on reasonable grounds, of whether an account has been transferred.
  • 4-3. If a Service User violates one of the provisions of Article 9 or established separately, the account of said Service User will be, as a general rule, cancelled or deleted immediately.
5. Translation Fees
  • 5-1. When the Services are used for a Human Translation, a translation fee will incur in accordance with the number of characters or words in the Source Text and the number of target languages. The translation fee can be paid by the method specified by the Provider.
  • 5-2. No translation fee, once paid, will be refunded for any reason whatsoever, including due to untranslated text, typographical errors, misinterpretation and other errors of the Translator.
6. No Guarantee of Translation Product
  • 6-1. The Provider makes no guarantee of the fidelity or consistency of the Translation Product with respect to the Source Text regardless of whether the translation was performed by Machine Translation or by Human Translation.
  • 6-2. As a general rule, the Provider will not make any revision or correction to any Translation Product or redo the translation regardless of whether produced by Machine Translation or Human Translation. In the case, however, of a Human Translation in which a clear error is found to have been made by the Translator, the Service User may contact the Provider using the method established by the Provider, and request a revision, correction or re-translation of the erroneous section, only if such request is made within one week of delivery of the Translation.
7. Provider Advertisements
  • 7-1. The Translation Product or the Source Text to which Service User accesses may include the display of advertisements provided by the Provider or a third party authorized thereby.
8. Indemnity
  • 8-1. The Service User uses the Services at the Service User's own responsibility and determination, and holds the Provider blameless for any adverse impact suffered by the Service User or the group to which the Service User belongs in conjunction with the use of the Services or the inability to use the Services. Similarly, the Service User holds the Provider blameless for any adverse impact or damages caused to a third party in conjunction with the use of the Services or the inability to use the Services.
  • 8-2. The Service User is responsible for furnishing and preparing the devices (including software and communication means) required to use the Services. The Service User is also responsible for any communication expenses required to use the Services and all other expenses incidental to the use of the Services.
  • 8-3. The Provider accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the Translation Product regardless of whether produced by Machine Translation or Human Translation, even in cases where the Translation Product is found to have a clear error. The Service User bears responsibility not only for the content of the Source Text, but all consequences resulting from the content of the Translation Product, and may not claim Provider responsibility.
9. Prohibitions
  • 9-1. The Provider prohibits the Service User from conducting any act in violation of these Terms of Use and other rules established separately by the Provider, and from transmitting a Source Text that includes any of the content listed below. If the Provider determines that any of the following apply to the Source Text or the Translation Product, the Provider may delete the Source Text and/or Translation Product without prior notice to the Service User.
    • 9-1.1. Content that discloses private information or violates the privacy of an individual
    • 9-1-2. Content that otherwise slanders another person or is of an indecent nature
    • 9-1-3. An expression or content that induces or encourages an illegal act, a criminal act, homicide or the like
    • 9-1-4. Content that hinders the business of another party or that divulges confidential information of another party
    • 9-1-5. Content that announces, induces, incites or encourages a crime
    • 9-1-6. Content pertaining to an assertion, invitation, incitement or encouragement of an anti-social force
    • 9-1-7. Content that includes an assertion in favor of terrorism or overturning a state or otherwise improper to a state
    • 9-1-8. Content that may violate the copyrights or other intellectual rights or another party
    • 9-1-9. Content pertaining to medical care or drugs that may present the risk of physical harm or fatality if misunderstood
    • 9-1-10. Content of a confidential or legal nature that, if misunderstood, may result in damages that cannot easily be reversed
    • 9-1-11. Content including confidential matters that may have serious consequences if disclosed to a third party
    • 9-1-12. Content that otherwise may cause harm to another party or that violates the public order and morals.
  • 9-2. The Provider prohibits the following acts by the Service User:
    • 9-2-1. Improper modification or falsification of a QRT Code issued by the Services
    • 9-2.2. Improperly pasting a QRT code issued by the Services on an object (including a bulletin board or other public object) owned by another party without permission from the owner or manager
    • 9-2-3. Issuing a QRT code without the purpose of use in actual society
    • 9-2-4. Issuing a QRT code with a mechanical means such as a computer program without obtaining proper permission from the Provider.
10. Period of Use and Suspension of Use
  • 10-1. The Services are, as a general rule, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • 10-2. During times of intense use of the system providing the Services (below referred to as the "System"), the Provider may limit the use of the Services by the Service User.
  • 10-3. The Provider may suspend, cease or discontinue use of the Services without prior notice if any of the following apply
    • 10-3-1. There is a need for maintenance or inspection of the devices and equipment composing the System
    • 10-3-2. Significant damage occurs or may occur to the System due to a natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances
    • 10-3-3. The Provider otherwise determines a need to do so.
11. Use Restrictions and Legal Measures in Response to Improper Acts
  • 11-1. Service Users are prohibited from any of the following acts
    • 11-1-1. Use of the System for an illicit purpose
    • 11-1-2. Accessing the System illicitly and intentionally transmitting a virus
    • 11-1-3. Intentionally impeding the management or operation of the System
    • 11-1-4. Any other act that otherwise hinders operation of the System.
  • 11-2. If the Provider finds that a Service User has carried out an act listed in the previous paragraph or there is the likelihood of a Service User doing so, the Provider may suspend or restrict use by said Service User and take the appropriate legal proceedings.
12. Copyright
  • 12-1. QR Translator is a registered trademark that belongs to PIJIN Co., Ltd.
  • 12-2. The copyrights to Translation Products obtained by use of the Services belong to the Provider. Duplication and reproduction without permission is prohibited.
13. Applicable Law and Court Jurisdiction
  • 13-1. The laws of Japan apply to the use of the Services.
  • 13-2. The Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over all litigation arising between the Provider and the Service User in connection with the use of the Services.
14. Supplementary Rule
  • These Terms of Use are in force as of December 1, 2012.
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